Helios Millwork


We can design cabinets, furniture, and more to help you build the space of your dreams. All at Factory Direct Pricing!

Helios Millwork

Dental Cabinetry

Your dental office will look great, and you will be more organized than ever with our handmade options.

Helios Millwork


Achieve the home of your dreams through professionally designed and handmade products at factory direct pricing

Helios Millwork

Handmade Office

Build a private office, conference room, open-office, etc. that will keep your team organized and your clients impressed.

Handmade Cabinetry and Furniture for Commercial and Residential Spaces

About Us


The story of Helios starts with two existing millwork companies searching for someone to help them automate their work. They were aware of many automated material handling and packaging systems, and were even savvy with the capabilities and limitations of CNC machines and laser cutters. And despite years of exploring different options with different companies, and even making a few large purchases they seemed no closer to a solution than they were. Until one fateful morning.

On January 15th, 2019 a man called one of the millwork companies looking for a custom piece to be built based on a design from his friend, an artist. The piece was so interesting it got the millworker talking to the man about other possibilities and eventually it was revealed that the man designed robotics and a several hour long conversation ensued with plans to fully automate part of the workshop over the next few years.

A few months and a few lawyers later, in late 2019, Helios Millwork Corporation was founded. From our fully hand crafted one of a kind pieces to our affordable economy line utilizing automated fabrication, our wide range of products can fit most tastes and all budgets.

How We’re Different

  • Made in America
  • Factory Direct Pricing
  • Quick and Reliable Shipping
  • Provide Shipping and Installation*
  • Design Services Are Included
  • Products Tailored To Specific Size & Shape
  • Live Customer Support


* – In New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut

Custom Cabinets Made by Hand