Medical Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

Helios Millwork can handmake the medical cabinetry, carts, and furniture your facility needs. Our extensive experience has helped us improve the look and functionality of many different types of medical facilities.

Dental Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

Dentists and dental hygienists need an organized space that provides barrier-free accessibility and meets all patient needs. Helios Millwork’s dental products are designed with the latest technology to create a practical workflow while maintaining a professional aesthetic. From our handcrafted cabinetry to our innovative carts, we have everything you need to design the perfect patient room.

Eye Doctor/Optometrist Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

An eye doctor’s exam room has unique and specific needs. Helios Millwork’s optometry products can help create a professional, organized space with room for all your medical equipment and tools.

Hospital Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

We understand that a cohesive, sanitary environment is crucial to providing the best hospital care. With Helios Millwork’s hospital cabinetry, carts, and furniture – you can enjoy a functional workflow that will keep your staff organized and make your patients feel welcome.

Outpatient Medical Facility Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

Outpatient medical facilities often serve multiple purposes. So whether it’s surgery, quick procedures, or testing – your space needs to be functional and versatile. Helios Millwork can handmake all the products to make that possible.

Surgery Center Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

A sanitary, functional surgery center is critical when performing life-saving operations and any other medically essential surgery on patients. Our handmade products are designed to make your surgery centers more functional and endure constant disinfection with most cleaning products.

Other Medical Cabinetry, Carts, and Furniture

No matter the type of medical center, we understand that different facilities have different needs. We pride ourselves on our products and our ability to help you design the perfect layout for any space.

How We’re Different

  • Made in America
  • Factory Direct Pricing
  • Quick and Reliable Shipping
  • Provide Shipping and Installation*
  • Design Services Are Included
  • Products Tailored To Specific Size & Shape
  • Live Customer Support


* – In New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut